I do not see my Outlook contacts in Zoiper Biz

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Can anyone help?

Regards David

asked Jul 9, 2015 in Windows by David Allcock (150 points)  
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I have Outlook 2013 32bit and Zoiper Biz 3.9.32144 , i puchased the license so I could import the Outlook contacts. I installed Zoiper also as 32 bit. 

The Outlook Import is not working :( 

- Go to Find contacts on server

- Import from antoher Source

- Import from Outlook

- Outlook and no password

- Contacts stay's empty

While performing the steps to write this message something strange happens, a popup box appera (Mail Inbox 32) Microsoft Exchange , Your mailbox has been temporarily moved on Microsoft Exchange. Three options "Use Temporary Mailbox" "Use Old Data" "Cancel". Does Outlook needs to be running , or does outlook being closed?

Use the first and the last , empty contacts, using "Old Data" I just get several contacts (not all), i have 970 contacts with several numbers for each contact (Home / Mobile/ Busines)

The Outlook Profile is on the Network, perhaps some network latency is going on? 

It's also curious when giving a false Outlook Profile "OutlookDoesNotExcist" does not give a Error in Zoiper. Also ginving a false password doen't trigger an error.

How can I import my +970 contacts in Zoiper ?




Please send an email to support at zoiper dot com.

Hi Anton, 

Working !  Normally I have "Use Cached Exchange Mode" in Outlook Enabled, it was disabled in my Outlook Client. I have Enabled it and Now it is working! The contacts are in Zoiper.



to person OliverLX about the crash with outlook. Please open a new item, it does not belong in this item.

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Search in Outlook shows your Outlook contacts in the Zoiper contact list.
To enable  Search in Outlook you need to run Zoiper, open Settings -> Preferences -> go to Contacts -> Search and enable Search in Outlook.

Default value for Outlook profile is outlook and the password should be empty, max chars to search =0. This will show your Outlook contacts in your Zoiper Contact list.

answered Jul 9, 2015 by Katina (23,910 points)  
selected Jul 9, 2015 by Nicky Nikolaev
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