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Can you please link to an explaination of how the "Number Rewriting" works?

Contacts have a +. Now I am in Canada and it says that treat all non international prefix calls as Canada.

So i want a +1-604-555-1212 to be prefixed with 00 or so the sip system sees 0016045551212

But... in the case of an intl call +-44-5552135252255 to be replaced as 011445552135252255

No quite sure how it determines what is a canada vs what is not. 

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Zoiper for iOS supports a Number rewriting feature that can rewrite the prefix for international numbers. You may configure it in a way where the numbers without international prefix could be rewritten with the proper format for your country and the ones with an international code to be rewritten with +, 00, or prefix by your choice.

To make the configuration you would need to open the Number rewriting section from the account configuration and under "Number rewriting" to select the proper country and the prefix you want to use for international numbers.

Please note also that for the moment number rewriting with multiple dialling rules is not supported in Zoiper, but it is planned for the future releases of Zoiper.

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+Hi I really appreciate that you provided a response. 

I am well aware there is a feature. This is why I made this post.

What I would like is a reference possibly with some screens and examples of proper setting for the feature and also what rules the contact have to be stored as to make it work. 

So... Canada , contact is +16045552321 I want + to be 00. But... If +N (any digits between 2-9 preceeded with a +) I want it to rewrite 011. This is how international is dialed from Canada . 

As it stands, I have yet to see it do anything other than be able to strip the symbol. At no point in any testing has it applied any other digits to the call toward the switch.

So ... We are in Canada, I set the country as Canada, what do I set the next setting to in order to make it rewrite 

In Android it worked but with IPhone I am not able to configure it successfully.
Please see the attached screen shot I added.

Can you assist please?




Yes please - I have *exactly* the same question - also Zoiper Pro  v2.5.40 on Android  - I also don't understand how Number Rewriting functionality is meant to work.  The help page doesn't explain and appears to be very out of date - https://www.zoiper.com/en/support/answer/for/android/124/Number_rewriting) 

I am also North American based (country code 1).

I have all my contacts set as +<country code> <number>.

So in "Number Rewriting" I select "Canada (1 CA)" and in "Rewrite International Numbers" I enter 011 (the three characters needed before any country code which is not "1")

Now when I have a contact +1 416 555 1234, I want Zoiper to dial 14165762542, or failing that 4165762542, but it is re-written as 0114165551234 - which fails - because I'm not trying to dial country code 4, 41 or 416 

But when I have a contact +44 121 555 1234 it is correctly dialed as 011441215551234

How do I stop it re-writing +1 numbers, and ideally just strip the + leaving the 1.  Isn't that what selecting "Canada (1 CA)" is meant to do - tell Zoiper where I am (from the perspective of telephone country code)?

(Note I have removed + from the string of characters that will be stripped - if I leave + in the list of characters to be stripped it won't even re-write international numbers)

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