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Hello Team,

I am working from a OpenAFS user environment (home folder not from local machine, distributed login). I have Zoiper installed in my machine. However, when I start zoiper, it is unable to complete the process. From strace I see that Zoiper is unable to create socket file.

I tried creating symbolic link for .Zoiper into /tmp directory. Which actually helped me in starting zoiper. However, in Zoiper, even the config file is inside .Zoiper folder. Hence, the configuration are lost next time I login. I am looking for an option to have stick to same config.xml file and still have the socket created.

Can some suggest a method by which I can get this done. Or is there any other alternative to have Zoiper profile per user in an OpenAFS environment.

Thank You



Praveen P

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which zoiper product are you using? Is it classic, 3 or 5? Is it biz or free?

Hello Katina,

It is Zoiper 3.3.25608 64 bit - Free version.

Zoiper 3 will always look for its configs in the ~/home folder.

Did you try using the old Zoiper Classic? It has no installer and keeps all its files in the directory where it is started from. On newer distros it could need some additional libraries though..

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