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i'm testing zoiper on a windows 7 sp1 64bit host. We need to participate to a vc next week. We got a number to dialin (xxxxx@vc.dfn.de). Can i connect to it without having an account in zoiper ? I just tried to dial the number but got "You are trying to dial a Zoiper service contact (is it real one ?) but you are not logged in the zoiper servcie.



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Video with Zoiper 3 Free is possible with a Zoiper Service account.
Zoiper service accounts can not dial any other contacts, but other zoiper service contacts.

If you would like to call another sip account or a landline, you will nee to use Zoiper BIZ.


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thanks for the answer. How much is Zoiper BIZ ?

Is there an evaluation version ?



All prices are available below:


Please contact the sales team for more information

Ohhh, that is pretty usefull, thanks a lot) 

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