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Zoiper works as expected when connected to the Honda car dashboard via BT, MOSTLY.  But not fully.  The exception is in an incoming call.

On an incoming call the mobile phone rings but it does not come up on the dashboard as it should.

Answer the Zoiper prompt on the phone and then the call comes up on the car dashboard and all functions as expected.

At the end of the call, must allow the caller to hang up the call.  Otherwise, if I hang up the call first at the dashboard prompt, Zoiper remains off hook.

Has anyone else encountered this misbehaviour?  Found a solution?

Have experience with any other BT enabled car dashboard with Zoiper?


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Zoiper for Android does not support the use of the buttons from the Bluetooth device at the moment and it works with SC0 Bluetooth profile only. Other devices may or may not work as expected. Support for A2DP Bluetooth profile as well as support for the buttons of the devices are planned for the future releases of Zoiper.

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