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I can not see any bugfixes.

No Answers.

So solutions.

What is the problem ?

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Zoiper is very much alive, working harder than ever.

This community forum is for users to help each other. We do not have the resources to help every free user. (although we do try to answer some questions when we have some time)

Soon a new version for desktop (full rewrite) will be released. you can participate in the beta on http://www.zoiper.com/labs 

The new version of zoiper for android can be tested here: 


A new version for iOS is also in the making but no public beta is available yet.

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My interest is in Desktop Linux version, wich seems to completely frozen, no bug fixes, no solution since more than 2, 4 months. Looks dead.

I tried to get early acces manually. Perhaps it should offered to customers automatically, especially the have reported seriuos problems.

As professional licenced (paying) user I prefer much better bug fixing and receiving solution to the pulse audio problems, I reported moths ago: (in January 2016, without a satisfied solution provided)

Refer to [zoiper #157491] Several Problems on just purchased Zoiper

It does not like a behavior to answer questions from paying cutomers.

There are no recent updates to the linux version.

We are focusing on the new version zoiper 5 which will also be available on linux, with the same feature set as the other operating systems.

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