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Hi community,

I am an Apple Service Freelancer, my client is working in Japan parttime, he has to do a lot of calls there. So we got him a sipgate account with Japan-Flatrate and set up zioper.

So next time he went to Japan he used it al lot to call back to germany an have conference calls.

Suprise when he came back lovely telekom sent him an invoice about 3000 (!) €.

Usually he is focused a tecnical aware, I can´t image he just forgot to use zioper and used his "normal telefon" app on his iphone. Asked him this and he immediatly replyed to recognize the different GUI of these two apps.

My question is: can telekom, if you are in Japan and using the telecom data roaming there to do voice over ip, detect those traffics and reroute or redirect these calls as if they were done throught the "normal" telefon function and put these on the invoice?

I am just wondering, if I can´t prove his mis-operation on the phone nor the telecom ripping of their clients by putting roaming voice over ip service on the bill I will be in charge to reimburse the loss.

thanks for your opinion and experiences on this...

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I am experiencing the same situation: Calls made from UK to France using Zoiper have appeared on my bill. I am struggling to make sense of it, did you?

Also, are you asking the correct question? While the calls may not be re-routed can they be logged, and subsequently charged for under contract terms.

If you do not use encryption, they theoretically could be logged. I'm sure this is not the case, though. Some provider block voip calls, but i have never heard of a telecom provider charging for monitored calls.

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If the phone calls were made with Zoiper, they will not appear on the normal phone bill. They will appear on the voip provider bills instead.  There is no way to make calls with the cellphone operator through zoiper.

The telecom company has no way to intercept and re-route them.

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