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I am using Zoiper free version on Windows 8.1.

I am running a PBX on the Amazon Cloud. I have all ports opened for all protocols for both incoming and outgoing traffic.

My Asterisk server is running on UDP port 5060 on my Linux box. I cannot register my softphones there. Need help.

I providing my log file. Can someone go through it and tell me why this is happening ?

For obvious reasons my PBX server IP has been replaced with pbx.server and my PC IP has been replaced with my.pc

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It looks like the hostname you are using does not resolve, try using the ip address instead.

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I see an SSL/TLS error in the logs.  Do you have secure SIP set up? and SRTP?  SIP over TLS runs over port 5061 according to RFC.  You could try that port or checking if you have encryption turned on.  Normally you only need to open port 5060 UDP but if you're operating a TCP and/or TLS listener, you will need to enable TCP protocol on those ports.  Also, what do you mean by "all ports one on your box?". Is there a firewall in your router that needs to have ports opened to.  Check the OS of your box for its own firewall settings.

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