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Anybody knows how to set up Telekom voIP? I'm using a DATA L ECO contract for handy.

Thank you.

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To use Zoiper you will need:
- a computer or a smartphone;
- an internet connection;
- a VoIP (Voice over IP) account, which you may acquire from any VoIP provider

If you still do not have a VoIP account you could find some reputable providers from the link below:


Once you subscribe for a VoIP service you could configure it with ZoiPer mobile products from:

Config/Settings -> Accounts -> + Add account menu

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Thank you. But I mean the set up, I would like using my telephone number. I have a Data contract only. Telekom said me that I can using my telephone number with an app. But they don't give support. They stand that I have to speak with the app provider. 

If you have subscribed for a VoIP service along with the data service, you should have received credentials (username, password, domain) for your VoIP account from the provider (Telekom VoIP). Fill these details in the fields in the menu mentioned above. If you miss these credentials for some reason please contact the provider and ask for them.

Yes. That is the problem. I cannot input all the data belongs to Telekom because the zoiper's fields does not match.

Please contact us at sales at zoiper dot com for further assistance.

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