can I retrieve my contact list after upgrading to version 2?

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I've recently upgraded my free ZoIPer to version 2 (desktop Windows 10). After the upgrade my contact and quick dial lists were empty. Is there a way to retrieve this?

asked Sep 27, 2016 in Windows by Swarts (120 points)  

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Zoiper Classic (2) is small, rectangular and blue.

Zoiper 3 (3) is larger and has different skins ,the default one is black.

As you did not mention what were you using before, please provide more details.

answered Sep 27, 2016 by Katina (23,910 points)  

 the skin of the old version was Orange-brownish and I have upgraded to Zoiper 3 

Hello, If the previous version you were using was zoiper 2 ,the contacts can not be transferred to Zoiper3.

Zoiper 3 supports outlook import, csv import so if you have the contacts in a csv file you will be able to import them

Thanks for the info.That is very very bad. I've got no other record of that telephone list. Zoiper prompted me to upgrade – I did not do it voluntary. They should have warned me to back it up but I guess it is of no consequence to them.

Do you see the skin of your previous zoiper here?

no , it is not one of those

It seems you used some other softphone then.
Are you sure it was Zoiper? Could you quote the exact version of what you used?

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