Issues with Zoper not respecting DNS SRV

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I have DNS SRV setup with 3 call servers for fail over purposes.

Zoiper is configured to register against my domain with a timeout of 60 seconds, so if the primary server goes down, it'll re-register against the backup server shortly after.

My issue is that Zoiper often decides to register against one of the backup servers instead of the primary server, despite the primary server being active and having other phones (hard and soft) registering fine. It looks like Zoiper does not respect the DNS SRV priorities and just picks one at random.

My DNS SRV records look like below (masked for obvious reasons): has SRV record 10 10 5060 has SRV record 20 10 5060 has SRV record 30 10 5060

Above is just the UDP records, I have identical records for TCP (_sip._tcp) and TLS (_sip._tls).

asked Sep 30, 2016 in Android by Motjida (130 points)  

I have found and see the exact same problem. It seems priorities are not reset/obeyed, what happens is when the softphone looses connection it jumps to the next SRV weight, instead of starting back at the highest priority and moving up.

If we have 3 records




And it looses connection or reconnects it will go from server-1 then to server-2 then to server-3 instead of starting back at server-1 and only moving to server-2 on a server failure.

This should be addressed, as it creates problems for larger service providers.

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