sends re-registration when get received parameter on Contact header

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When Zoiper gets received parameter on Contact Header , it sends re-registration with received IP parameter on Contact Header. So UA Server cannot understand that UAC is natted so dont sends Options packets! so after a while , Modem or Firewall closes Ports. and then UAC  is Zoiper that Unreachable. There isnt anything about  IETF! 

Version 3.9

Windows 10

 First Flow.
    UAC sends  Registration --->>    
    Contact : <sip:123456789@>    
    Kamailio answer for register <<---200 OK    
    Contact : <sip:123456789@>;received=
    Second Flow
    UAC sends re-registartion --->> (Oh God there is a received I must send registarion again!!)    
    Contact : <sip:123456789@>
    Kamailio answer for register <<---200 OK (OK Bro! you aren't Natted. No problem. I dont send Options)    
    Contact : <sip:123456789@>

asked Oct 3, 2016 in Windows by ycaner (120 points)  

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