Two way audio failing on incoming calls

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Client 3.9.32144 32bit is running on Win10 Pro. Zoiper is connecting to a 3CX server on the same subnet.

Outgoing calls work normally.

Incoming calls ring through to the server, the caller can select from the IVR and then my Zoiper client rings. When I answer there is no audio in either direction.

Here's where things get weird....

The indicators that show both speaker and mic activity/volume show no activity. If I put the call on hold and then take it off hold then the indicators show activity and two way audio works normally. It seems to take a moment to catch up (like the audio has been cached on the Zoiper client) and then it works.

We have other computers using the 3CX client through VPN and they work fine. Honestly, mine is the simplest setup we have and it's the only one having issues. There are no firewalls or routers between the client and the server, even the Windows FW is turned off.

Anyone help with ideas?


asked Oct 10, 2016 in Windows by RARE_1 (120 points)  

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