Zoiper loses SIP registration after a time when android is left unattended other apps such as WhatsApp still respond.

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Zoiper seems to be configured just fine in that I can receive and place calls. Even if the phone screen is blank, the android device still works; however, if left for a few minutes, registration is lost (with voip.ms) and incoming calls are not received by zoiper. Other apps on the phone are still working and still respond such as WhatsApp. 

I have noticed that registration comes back online for a short time (about 1 minute) after whatsapp has "awakened" the phone but again, registration is lost after a period of time.

If I touch/wake up the phone, registration is working again.

Keep alive WIFI is checked

Stay Awake optino is checked

Run in background option is checked.

This is on a Samsung Galaxy S5 with android 6.0.1. Seems to be the same for LTE cell data or Wifi data.

asked Oct 10, 2016 in Android by Aaron Taylor (120 points)  

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Any solution on this?  I have the same problem with my iphone

answered Oct 20, 2016 by sindy (140 points)  

I am still having this issue although not as much.  

I received the following reply from Zoiper:

"If your account unregisters while your phone is locked please force close Zoiper by terminating it from the app settings and check your device's "Power Optimization" options. If Zoiper is listed in the options, then your device automatically terminates Zoiper after a period of time to preserve battery life.

Once Zoiper has been removed from the list it will resume to work in the background and will not be terminated."

Tried it, it did not seem to help so I rooted my android phone and then used "memory locker" app to apparently lock the app in memory and set the android priority to -17 (which is the highest) this seems to have helped a little; however, it does still deregistered when left for a few hours unattended.

I would say this has been about a 84% solution. Still sucks when my android phone zoiper unregisters and then I miss a phone call due to that...

I am having the same problem with my iPhone.  If I don't keep Zoiper in the foreground (the app I see on the screen), then the Zoiper registration (in this case with CallCentric) is lost.  For receiving calls, this a real problem.  iPhone options/setting are different that Android - does anyone have any suggestions?

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