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Hi, help sorely needed. Very confused by this all.

I am about to hire a virtual assistant in Serbia. She needs to be able to make and receive calls to UK landlines and mobiles.

Can we use Zoiper for this? 

Is this the most cost effective way? 


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In order to use ZoiPer you would need:
- a computer or a smartphone;
- an internet connection;
- a VoIP (Voice over IP) account, which you may acquire from any VoIP service provider.

You would need to configure your VoIP account with ZoiPer. If you still don't have such an account, you may review some reputable providers here:


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In order to interact with the public switched telephone network (PSTN), to which "normal" phone numbers belong, one needs a termination provider. Receiving calls and making calls are two separate issues, but some providers may offer both. Try to register with http://messagenet.com/voip/ , which offers free incoming geographical numbers in London ("freenumber"), and also relatively inexpensive outgoing calls (http://messagenet.com/voip/tariffe/?scatto=no#U ).

For outgoing calls you may get better rates from FreeVoipDeal: http://www.freevoipdeal.com/calling_rates/#/#letter-U ("free" means that calls to landline numbers are free for 300 minutes every 7 days for 120 days after a 10-euro top up).  However, you may use any other VoIP app, such as, indeed, Zoiper, or CSipSimple etc (or also VoIP applications for desktop machines).

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