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Just installed today, 

my VOiP PBX support sip and their proprietary software does not work on windows 8 or windows 10 yet so as I have been using Zoiper on android and I like the product I thought I would test the windows version.

BIG problem though:User to user calls are fine, however when someone outside the organisation rings my direct number I get "Fax Transfer: incoming Fax, negotiating. "

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Zoiper will play whatever audio was sent from the server. If the server for some reason sends the call as fax you might need to ask your server administrator for assistance. Or someone might be trying to actually send you fax.

thanks but my servers own sip software works fine - as does zoiper on android just getting fax on the windows 10 version

(all the call tests are myself calling from an external line - definately not a fax)

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