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I am not a computer or technical person, but I use zoiper for my work at home for a call centre. It's as if the call is going in a circle somehow, sometimes I will hear the start of the call really well, and then the sound goes completely and then comes back again, Or sometimes I answer the call and I cannot hear anything, and then suddenly the voice will appear and it is so embarasssing.

The computer guy at work who installed it all for me, checked my headphones, they were fine,then checked my laptap, which was fine, and then the two together at work, and it was fine. He suggested that the problem is with my internet service provider. I have been given extra broadband width by my service provider, but nothing has changed. 

Is this the correct diagnosis and what can I do? If I am unable to take calls properly I can't work for the company any more and the computer guy has done what he can . HELP please. Thanks in advance.

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Please note that the audio could be distorted by many factors including the internet connection. However the communication through Zoiper depends not only from the speed of the internet connection, but also from its stability and jitter. You would need to check with your VoIP provider.

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