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I'm a Linux Novice.

I'm trying to figure out how to install Zoiper on Ubuntu 14.04. I downloaded it and extracted it to my Downloads folder. Then, I followed this instruction: "sudo ./Zoiper_3.3_Linux_Free_64Bit.run"

Then the terminal says "sudo ./Zoiper_3.3_Linux_Free_64Bit.run command not found".

If I type in the terminal: "sudo /home/xarcell/Downloads/Zoiper_3.3_Linux_Free_64Bit.run" it then throws a warning that is not root?

That is indeed the file name. What went wrong?

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To install Zoiper 3 on your linux you need to follow these steps:

1. Download  the Zoiper 3 installer archive;
2. Extract the archive somewhere;
3. Open a terminal application - like konsole, xterm or gnome-terminal;
4. Use cd to navigate to the folder where you extracted the archive;
5. execute the installer:

sudo ./Zoiper_3.3_Linux_Free_64bit.run

type your password and press Enter;

now follow the onscreen instructions.

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