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I am using Zoiper Biz for Windows 2.0 with g729 and have been for some time now. It is for a small call center with two operators on separate PC's. From around 3 months ago a new issue a raised where after the user has answered the call and speak they can hear a dial tone. It happens only when the Zoiper user speaks into the microphone and makes it impossible to have a conversation.

It does not happen with all calls just sometimes. I have tried; reinstall, removing config file, Only having one service activated at the one time, changing STUN to on and off and changing pretty much every setting available but to no avail.

Please help!

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You are using the biz version and can use the priority support by mailing to support@zoiper.com

This does not sound like it will be a problem with zoiper though, the issue is most likely something on the server side, i would suggest to take a packetcapture and send it to the provider.

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I have two different providers and it happens on both. It has only just begun to happen recently.

I previously had it connected to a VoIP router ringing to a land line phone and no issue there. Only happens when connected through Zoiper for some reason.

The software didn't change though and it happens on both pc's, which makes it very unlikely to be something in Zoiper.

We can have a look at the packet capture to see what is happening, can you contact us on support@zoiper.com with a wireshark packetcapture ?

Yes i will do that.

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