Can't dial when two accounts are registered

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I have two SIP accounts registered at the same time. One is my personal asterisk server, the other is a free inbound CallCentric account. When I only have my SIP account setup/registered, I can place calls (dial) from Zoiper just fine. But when I add the CallCentric account and I try to dial, it tells me it can't place the call.

How can I tell Zoiper which SIP account to dial out from, so it will dial from my server, not the CallCentric account? I think that is the issue.

asked Nov 4, 2016 in General by shanecall (120 points)  

1 Answer

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Which Zoiper product are you using?

answered Nov 4, 2016 by Katina (23,910 points)  

I'm using 1.53 for android

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