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When my Mac goes into sleep mode (i.e. by closing the lid) and then I wake it up (i.e. by re-opening the lid) although the status label on the lower left corner of the main window reads "Online", I'm actually offline. In fact when someone calls me I'm busy and the other users in my group actually see that I'm offline. This does not happen to me only, but also to all the other users in my company that use a Mac.

I tried decreasing the Registration expiry option to 30 seconds, but nothing changes. 

The only way to solve the problem seems to close Zoiper and restart it manually. This is not a viable option as it is very easy to forget that you are offline, since the program seems to be running well and you do not see any warning.

We use SIP accounts through a UDP connection.

How do I solve this problem?


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We have a similar problem with Zoiper Biz 3.14.38765 32 bit on one of our PC's. After booting in the morning Zoiper does not get the SIP registration, but if you restart the program (not the computer) it will work. If the computer is locked or left idle, then it will also fail.

We have other computers where this is not a problem.

We also use UDP

I am facing same issue , we have 2 licensed zoiper and both for mac and they do not get any calls after some time they have kept Ideal and have to restart again to take calls,

Please advice , its not practicle to restart the phone again and again 

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