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I am not sure if this is possible but here we go:

I have a client who wants a new phone system. Naturally, he will be getting a voip setup. Every desk will have a hardwired VoIP Desk Phone.

I want to use Zoiper (maybe even Pro) as a desktop app, so they can see who is online, chat, but also place calls. However, if they use zoiper to place the call, they have to use the desk phone.

I dont want them to use their PC as a phone (no zoiper soft phone). Zoiper should just work as a management interface a la Jabber with cisco.

Can this be done? Has anybody done this?

If this is not possible with zoiper, what software can do this?


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zoiper 2 biz has some sort of 3rd party call control (call with associated phone) which does something similar as the functionality you are looking for. You can initiate the call from the desktop, but in the background it will forward the call to the deskphone.

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I tried to find that option, but no luck (maybe I am not using the right version of zoiper?).

Is there a manual or some sort of description somewhere, that I can read up on?



The feature is available in Zoiper Classic and is called "Associated Phone"

1. What is the Associated Phone feature?
The associated phone feature is a special feature making the Outlook implementation even better.
You can use Zoiper to make your Deskphone dial your Outlook contacts.

2. How to setup an associated phone with Zoiper Classic?
Start Zoiper Classic and your Outlook.
Open the Zoiper Options Window, go to the list of accounts and select "extras" for the chosen account.
Enable the "Use Associated Phone" checkbox and enter the Associated extension in the blank field.

3. How to use the Associated phone feature?
Start your Outlook.
Open the addressbook and select a contact. Right click on the chosen contact. The drop-down menu will appear. When you chose to dial an Outlook contact via Zoiper, you will see another  menu. You can choose between dial via Zoiper, or to use the associated phone. If you choose to use the associated phone, Zoiper will first call your associated phone and when you answer that call it will transfer the call to your contact.


1. Please run Zoiper Classic -> Right click -> select Options. The options window will appear.

2. Now please select your account from the list.

3. Activate "Use associated phone" and enter your associated device's extension in the appropriate field.

4. save the changes

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