Zoiper "Unknown RTP Codec 95 Received" with Asterisk 11.17.1

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Had the error of below when using the VOIP with Asterisk 11.17.1. No audio during the call. Never has this issue until recent. 

Error message: res_rtp_asterisk.c: Unknown RTP codec 95 received from xx.xx.xx.xx

Zoiper Version 1.45. Library version v2.8.15. 

Enabled codecs on Zoiper: gsm, u-law and a-law. These codecs are supported on the Asterisk and SIP hard phones have no issue with the same PBX. 

asked Nov 16, 2016 in Android by eddy.tan (130 points)  

Zoiper sends a bogus codec 95 request first to establish NAT traversal if I understand correctly...

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