unable to answer a call normally and see dialpad [closed]

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When I get incoming call in my Samsung Galaxy S II I see the Answer/Decline screen. 

I'm dragging answer button, and conversation starts. I can hear and other party hears me, but answer/decline screen is still in place, and I can "answer" the call second time. If I "answering"the call second time nothing changes,we continue to speak. 

Or I can "decline" the call, but in that case Answer/Decline screen disappears, but conversation is not over, and other party doesnt interrupts the call. Other party continues to speak, as nothing happened.

The problem is, that answer/decline screen is allways on top, and it is the only thing I see if Im receiving incoming call, but I expect to see all the options when outgoing call is in progress (speaker/mute/hold/keypad... and so on!!!)

How should I answer incoming call normally and have access to all the options?


closed with the note: I am closing this as the topic is discussed in a support ticket.
asked Aug 18, 2015 in Android by gubermark (120 points)  
closed Aug 31, 2015 by Katina
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