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Hello Zoiper Community, 

My Qs is on Sugarmobile.ca as a new provider in Canada. I could not make it run on Zoiper using my use account. This is a SIP based on 3/4G data and its own SIM card. I am wondering if Zoiper is the App for managing Sugarmobile Canad!? Thanks in advance

This is all I received from SugarSupport center (https://sugarmobile.ca/):


 Your cellular/mobile data setting must be enabled

  1. Your data roaming setting must be enabled
  2. Your network mode must be set to 3G
  3. You must create an Access Point Name (APN)
  • Type Internet in the NAME field
  • Type sugarmobile.ca in the APN field
  • Type default in the APN TYPE field, or select INTERNET from the options.


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