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SIP port on our Asterisk is not 5060. Part of staff use Android, but some people use IPhone.

How set non-standard port on IPhone like Android -

asked Nov 28, 2016 in iOS by connect (130 points)  

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You can set the port like on Android - in the account configuration on the domain field.

answered Dec 9, 2016 by Ivan (18,410 points)  

This is not working anymore in zoiper5

i tryed from windows pc and android.

When it registers it still uses port 5060  as i can see from my firewall


Zoiper will try to register at the host port which is set as per the example below. We have made some testing, just in case, to confirm that.

If there is some difference on the ports, you might have SIP ALG on your NAT(Router) which is rewriting the packets.

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