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I cannot make a call anymore.

When I enter the numer I get a message "Failed to create media streams (29)"

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I have the same problem since yesterday. I still cannot make any calls.

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Update: The fixed version has been approved by Apple and is available for download from itunes.

We are aware of the issue, just managed to reproduce it with the specific voip provider and are working on a fix.

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The problem is definitely the Version 3.11. Zoiper 3.9 still works! It is not the VoIP provider!

Have the same problem!

Same here.....!

I use sipgate

I can confirm that on upgrading the App the other day to ge latest version on iOS it no longer allows me to make any calls. Gives the same error 29,

Have the same problem!

iPhone 7  iOS 10.2

Zoiper 3.11

Provider: Sipgate

working on a fix ?

After two weeks no fix and no answer from hotline :-(

It`s possible to install Zoiper 3.9 again ?

The issue for ios has been fixed. You are talking about the windows version, did you comment on the wrong thread ?

I just updated to Zoiper 3.12 and made a short test call and it seems to work with Sipgate.de.

I talking about iOS. 

I send two mails but nobody answer me the last days

The problem is already solved on iOS. The application was approved during the weekend.

I have tried other numbers to call now and 3.12 does NOT work! I always get "Error Request Timeout(408)". DON'T UPDATE! Stay with Zoiper 3.9. That works!

That request timeout means that there is no reply from the server. It is not related to the ipv6 issues with the media streams.

Try changing the settings for rport and stun and make sure the hostname is filled in correctly. I doubt it is related to version 3.12

Why do I have to change settings if it worked before with Zoiper 3.9? That's ridiculous.

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