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Zoiper Version 3.11 for iPhone.  Iib Revision: v.2.8.21-IPv6

The Zoiper interface is pretty intuitive and easy to navigate.  I found on my IPhone 6 Zoiper App, that I can add G.729 CODEC by purchasing.  Which I have done and indicates "PAID" where before it had the price.

Now, I'm using CallCentric which states they utilize G.711u and G.711a as well as G.729. 

Under Accounts, once created, I go to Audio CODEC and CANNOT Toggle OFF G711 or Toggle ON, G.729.  Or any of the CODECS listed, for that matter.  They seem to be locked in place.  I can make calls inbound and outbound just fine with G.711u as this is the CODEC that was negotiated.

I tried to uninstall the Zoiper and re-install. I then re-applied the paid G.729 license.  I also made sure Backups is DISABLED for the Zoiper App. 

Same problem.  Thanks.

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Hi, how did you configure your account? Have you used the VoIP providers list or you scanned a QR-code? If so then the settings cannot be changed afterwards in order for the default configuration to not be messed up.

As a workaround you can try to setup your account manually following these steps:

1) Start Zoiper and go to its "Settings" tab.
2) Open the "Accounts" section and select the "+" button into the upper right corner.
3) Select that you already have an account or not;
4) Choose the option that you will manually configure your account;
5) Choose the type of the account - SIP or IAX.
6) Enter the information you receive from your VoIP provider about Domain, Username, Password, etc. into the appropriate fields and select the "Register" button.

Once you finish this, you should be able to change the codec settings.

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