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When trying to make a call from zoiper (free) running on IOS I get  "Error Unparsable SDP (28)".
I'm able to receive incoming calls OK, so assume that registration with SIP endpoint is OK.
Any help or pointers to how to debug this one would be gratefully received.
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This is the same bug as the failed to create media stream 29. We believe we have a fix but it still needs to pass QA testing. (the last fix did not pass the QA).

If all goes well it will pass QA monday and will be uploaded to Apple the same day.

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I'm running ver 3.14, and getting the same error. This appears to be the latest version. What's the remedy?


Can you provide more details? Which codecs you use? Is it possible to provide us with step by step description on how this can be reproduced?

New version of Zoiper fails to use DNS names in SDP. Try using IP address

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