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I'm considering buying the business edition, and would like to know if the software is tied to my hardware (eg activation)?  I tend to change laptops once per year, and want to ensure I can just move my software without having to ask for permission or new license etc. I'm switching to Linux now in case that matter.

I currently use Eyebeam (for Windows) and on every startup it checks with their activation servers if my copy is licensed and may start.  That can take 30-40 seconds on EVERY reboot which is crazy.  Does Zoiper do this as well?

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Zoiper license is good for 3 resets, meaning you can use on three different computers over time.  If you reformat and use the same computer again, then this reset occasion doesn´t count.

Zoiper loads almost instantly, does not even take 5 seconds to load up, it will certainly not take 30-40 seconds.

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Does Zoiper software connect to a central host on each startup to validate a license?

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