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I'm testing the free version of Zoiper on Windows 10, using my fantastic Sennheiser MB PRO2 headset, with a Sennheiser bluetooth dongle. 

I say fantastic, because if either of my other devices ring (android mobile or gigaset landline) then I just lift the headset from the cradle and it answers whichever device is ringing (or I blindly tap the button on my ear to pickup if I'm already wearing it.)

However, when connected to Zoiper (free) on Windows 10, it ignores ringing calls and they keep on ringing until you find the mouse and eventually locate the place on the screen to click to answer. (Everything works well once you've finally navigated to answer the call.)

Does anyone know if the Sennheiser headset answer button can be made to work with Zoiper? If it could be made to work properly I might even spend money on the business version!



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@ZoiperSupport Same question from me. We have some Jabra headsets and they work just fine. Please add support for the Sennheiser! we have de business-version already and Zoiper crashes when we use Generic headsets (HID) in this setup.

Or at least provide some feed back on the case in general!

Some issues are reported and the new Z5 has already much better support for headsets.

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