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Hmmm just trying to give this a try.  I am using 1-Voip at my home office and it works great.

This app however doesn't seem to allow me to register.  I select which provider I have, enter my working username and password and get:

Registration failed (Unauthorized 401)

With no clue what else to try or correct.  I know the username and password is correct as it is the exact same one used to log into the providers website and my account.

The app also says null registration failed when just looking at it when is first run.

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Displaying the account name as "null" is a bug in Zoiper and it is going to be fixed. Note that it is not "critical". You can just go add "account name" and everything will be fine. The "null" is not related to the SIP 401. SIP 401 means that you are not "authorized", e.g. you probably need "Authentication user", which is in most cases the same as the SIP username. You can enter it in your account configuration. However, that message might also be returned for some other reason, like being registered with the same VoIP account on another device. If entering your SIP username in "Authentication user" field does not help it will be best to contact your VoIP provider as the SIP 401 is actually returned by the VoIP server, Zoiper just displays it.

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