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I had just updated my Samsung S7 edge to android 7 nougat.

Now Zoiper register over WLan and I can received calls, but the micro don´t work.

Anyone else having this issue and a solution how to fix it?

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I try it and it works - perfect!
Thank you very much!!!

My ZoiPer stopped working following upgrade to nougat (android7) on my Moto g4.

The sound is transmitted from the Moto but not to the Moto. I did try the usual culprits report, stun, udp

To no avail.


What happens if you try for example using wired headphones, speaker or bluetooth? Another test you can perform is to switch the "audio driver" in "Audio" section. Please make sure that you really receive packets - this is done with "Statistics" menu while in a call.

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