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I upgraded my phone to android 6/MM but lost my zoiper settings in /data/data/com.zoiper.android.app/ in the process. So I copied a backup of my settings on top of whatever new stuff the zoiper install had created. In particular, I restored the file /data/data/com.zoiper.android.app/databases/zoiper, which I can tell had the phone numbers and account info for my various setups.

Now, I restored from the backup AFTER killing zooper with the ShutApp app.Then I start zoiper, but get the error "Error occurred. Crash report has been sent." So I reboot, start zoipr again, and now it runs, but the restored /data/data/com.zoiper.android.app/got overwritten and there are no accounts defined (for example, I'm sure other settings got lost, too).

What is going on here?? Is there some file I can remove or change so that zoiper will accept the restored data?

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