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My voice is distorted using all the accounts I have configured in Zoiper.  I have changed the microphone from a USB mic to a conventional 3.5mm mic, but the result is the same...my voice sounds scratchy and distorted.  The microphone output of other VOIP applications on the same computer are normal and not distorted.  I have switched codecs to no effect.  Any ideas?


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What version of zoiper is this ?

Can you try our beta ? (It uses a different audio driver).

You can get the beta from http://www.zoiper.com/labs/

Thank you, Joachim, for your reply.  The Zoiper version is 3.3.25608 library revision 25552 32bit running on Mint Linux 17.2 32 bit.  I do not see a beta version for Linux.

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Could you please try to select the usb headset as a fallback device. To do this you can use pavucontrol. 

You might also want to turn off the mic boost in the audio mixer. Does this affect the issue?

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Thank you for your suggestion.  I have tried other headphones besides the USB device, and mic boost is disabled, but the microphone output while using Zoiper is distorted and scratchy.  Other VOIP programs do not experience this problem on the same computer. 


At the moment I am using Zoiper3 on a Linux Mint LMDE Betsy where I experienced no issues of the kind.

On my personal laptop I have the previous LMDE, but it came with Cinamon and I am currently using XFCE on both. I remember solving the issue by turning off / muting all extra stuff for the microphone like input monitors, line-in, mic boost, etc.

Thank you!  This was the solution to my problem.  I turned off all audio enhancements, echo-cancelling, etc. in the Zoiper audio interface and my output is now un-distorted.

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