How do I get Zoiper to work on a mini PC

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I am unable to activate Zoiper Biz on my Wintel computers.

When I open the program it prompts me for activation. I put in the email address and password, and click register. The window goes away and the computer seems to be thinking.

Then the window pops back up asking me for the same information again. At this point I can look in the zoiper certificate folder and it has been created, but the computer will not see it, and just keeps asking me to activate.

I tried to open a ticket, and I got a single response with a test build of zoiper to try installing with. I got the same results with this. I responded then and have not heard back in 6 days. I sent a "Hey I'm still hoping for some help" email yesterday, but did not hear back.

This is the device I am trying to use. We have 3 of them, soon to be 4, that have replaced old workstations, but now we can not get zoiper biz to install on them.

asked Apr 4, 2017 in Windows by John Etter (120 points)  

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