Zoiper windows 10 and specific number to dial and get calls from

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Hello guys this is my 1st topic. So, I have been using zoiper premium on many of my iPhones (company with different apple ID) without any problems. We are using localphone as a VOIP company and we had no problem installing the settings they gave us on iPhone and android. The point is that we have decided to add zoiper also on our windows 10 pc's but we encounter a small problem. On iphone on the setup menu you have to choose 


2) SIP Password: XXXX

3) Domain: XXX.com 

4) Proxy: proxy.XXX

after all those setting we manually add the incoming number and that's all for example i have on my iPhone a Greek incoming number my colleague for Romania, other for Germany etc etc,

When we try to do the same thing on zoiper in windows 10 there is no option to enter a specific number on the menu. I just add my localphone account. This has a result that when i call from my pc my iPhone instead of getting a call from my specific number (that i pay for it) i get calls from every kind of number) 

The other problem is that when i call any of the incoming number that we have bought all 5 zoiper pc's ring since all of them are registered with the same account.

asked Apr 4, 2017 in Windows by w3rty88 (120 points)  

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