Zoiper shut down when mobilephone switch to standby

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I just installed Zoiper to my phone with Android 6.0, but every time, when the phone switch off (not restart or turn off, just switch off the monitor to standby), the Zoiper shut down and my IP phone number become unavailable.

Anybody can suggest any solution please?

asked Apr 10, 2017 in Android by Sziban (120 points)  

1 Answer

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There is a simple solution if you are willing to use just a bit more more battery. You can install an app called "Wake Lock - PowerManager" and set to "Partial Wake Lock". This will keep your phone's CPU partially awake, thus avoiding the shutdown of Zoiper. Your display will switch off normally, but your CPU and Zoiper remain active. In the hours that you don't need our IP phone number, you set the Wake Lock app to "No Lock". Works reliably.

answered Apr 25, 2017 by Eric Blom (160 points)  
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