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We got a issue over here with a Samsung 7 edge with latest android.

The issue is when the person is calling everything is fine but when
somebody is calling him it sounds like really strange not really robotic
but if it's a sound of a person that want to be anonymous.

We tried on other phones everything works fine we use 4 phones with this
beautiful software but this a big issue for us.

Hope you can help me out the screen I send is a picture of the statistics
on incoming call and a mp3 of the call. (Doesn't matter if it's a inbound
extention or just a phonenumber).

Image: http://imgur.com/a/Fc5Mh

Sound: https://dripdevelopment.nl/call.mp3

Thanks for the help :D.

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You can try to change the audio driver for Zoiper. In order to do that, open Zoiper, go to "Config" ---> "Audio"---> "Audio driver" and select "External Java Driver". Exit Zoiper and restart your device.

I can also recommend that you try changing the audio codec from Zoiper -> Config -> your Account -> Audio codecs. Make sure that you use only recommended codecs by your VoIP service provider. 

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