Remote wireless connection to router based softphone service.

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I have the Zoiper app installed on a couple of Android phones which are hooked up to a VOIP service provided by Orange in Spain using our home telephone number.  Access to this service is via the supplied router which they call a Livebox 2.

I can register both phones with the box and make or receive calls without any problem.  The problem is that access is limited to the wireless coverage of this router.  I have a couple of access points around the house and the phones tend to switch to the strongest wireless service at which point the softphone service is deactivated without notice.  Obviously I could set things up to avoid this happening but that would defeat the point of having the additional network coverage and the router signal would drop the phone service anyway.

Is there some way to set the service to be available from networks other than the home network of the router?  If I could do that it would be really handy as I could use our home number from any wireless network and I would have plenty of reasons to buy your app.

Thanks in advance.

asked Apr 17, 2017 in Android by chris.shep (120 points)  

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