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Zoiper Biz version 3.14 that is the latest version currently available I purchased four days ago--

The skin defaults to Zoiper Black Skin.  I had changed the skin to Zoiper Phone Interface.  However, I never realized that the Settings menu that appears under Zoiper Black Skin then vanishes.  My question is how am I able to see the Settings menu under different skins?

What I just learned yesterday is that Zoiper Biz will allow saving of all your entered contacts onto the Zopier server.  Every other Zoiper Biz client you have a license for will then display these previously entered contacts stored on the Zopier Biz server.  The problem is you must create a new account that is only available as an option under the Settings menu.  Once the Settings menu is gone, you can never do this.

I found no mention of any of this within the user documentation manual.

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It turns out that this is a known issue with the two phone interface skins I had learned after emailing support.  These skins hide the Zoiper p2p service found under settings.  Hopefully this gets addressed some time in the future, but for now it is what it is.

The work-around is to Get a Zoiper account with the default skin in use.  After creating the account, Zoiper Biz will then save your contacts on their server.  However, you will lose other items under the Zoiper p2p service menu if you change to a phone interface skin.

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