Is zoiper app needed on both parties phones?

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My friend setup a zoiper account, with a UK number. He has been trying to call me without success. Do I also need the app installed on my phone? We both use Android's.


asked May 4, 2017 in Android by Morgandy (120 points)  

Not at all, I don't have it but we use it at work and my co-workers are able to call me without any issue. It might be a mistake in his configuration/setup or issues with is SIP (maybe, I'm not a pro)

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No, you do not need Zoiper on your phone. Zoiper to Zoiper calls are free, but he can use his Zoiper to call your number. It sounds like a problem between his configuration and his VoIP provider.

answered Nov 15, 2017 by IrwinElectronics (180 points)  
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