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Please......I am low income and rely on Safelink currently.  I grew tired of the cellphone they sent, and when I realized i could switch over to my Iphone 5s I'd used previously with AT&T, I did.  They reduced my talk amount from 500 to 360  minutes.  I've downloaded Google Voice....I've downloaded Hangouts......and now----I've went ahead and spent some ITunes credit earned via phone app surveys to buy ZOIPER IPHONE.  

Help!  How do I make it function???  

To fill the void when I left AT&T I chose Ringplus.  It helped me through a rough period (I'd been my mom's sole caregiver.....we survived on her SS and a tiny pension left her by my dad....).  Things were good until they flip flopped all of their plans, in an attempt to force all customers onto basic paid plans like pretty much all other phone companies, rather than  top off style of plan.  I never even got an email from them prior to the company going belly up in December.  

So.....I went from having 3200 talk, text, and date with Ringplus, to having that plus the 500 minutes of talk with Safelink    to only having 500 talk, unlimited text and 500mg data----but what use really is unlimited data on a normal cell phone.....so that;s when I opted to find out how to change over to my previously used Iphone.  I was NAIVE.  Did not realize that they would cut my time down to 360 for talk.  Seems like a lot, but when taking care of personal and health related medical calls,,,,,,the phone trees and the long lines of customers create HUGE waiting time periods,,,,its as if my minutes are literally streaming down the drain, in just the whole waiting, waiting, waiting cycle.  SMH.

Can anyone help me to figure out how to use ZOIPER IPHONE?  I wound up buying a MOTO G preloaded when I first left AT&T to go to Ringplus.  Ugh.,.....it's terribly slow.....and am growing to despise it.  WHen ringplus died------I jumped to TIng with that phone just to gain the bonus that TING offered to lure Ringplus customers.....but today I check my email to realize the bonus has been used up, and I've been billed 18.00. I am facing disability, and working on regaining my balance after having been my mother's caregiver.....I put my life and work on hold, and since she died, have been struggling some and trying to play catch up with everything.......learning that I have Chiari 1 didn't help matters.....I'm job hunting....trying to keep home insurance paid.......etc  

My moto g with (ugh...TING.....) I dont want to lose the number attached to it, but I guess Ive no other choice.  

But to get back to my initial question--------my safelink....I could buy minutes. but just don't have the cash......

Please......I need info, tips, help, suggestions on the VOIP Iphone so that I can have it in conjunction with my safelink minutes.

Thank you


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