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When using Bluetooth audio in my car to make a call zoiper activates bluetooth fine and routes the incoming audio channel through my speakers as expected.  However,  it fails to activate the microphone effectively muting me as long as bluetooth is enabled.   Speakerphone works but the echo to the user on the other end is horrendous even with echo cancellation enabled. 

The system dialer app using the same SIP account (voip.ms) works flawlessly over bluetooth, but has the same speakerphone echo issues. 

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Note that the Bluetooth support in Zoiper is currently listed as Beta in the Google play app description, it may or it may not work properly depending on the device/ android version.

Currently Zoiper officially supports Bluetooth devices that use only the SC0(mono) BT profile.

Other devices that use different Bluetooth profiles may or may not work as expected.

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The Bluetooth system in my Sienna uses HFP.  If there's any way for me to scan it to give you details of the connection I will. 

Is there any indication as to when this will be fixed? I really want to use Zoiper as my preferred VOIP client, but because I am on the road all the time, I am having the exact same issue. (Nexus 6 + BMW bluetooth)

I tried the BETA but I suspect bluetooth is complete disabled in that. Even though connected to the car kit, it does not even register the call. 

We will try to improve our Bluetooth support, however due to the different Bluetooth implementations on Android, this is not an easy task. Currently however, we are unable to provide any time-frame when and if additional Bluetooth profiles will be supported.

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