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Is it possible to map a keyboard shortcut to call a telephone number which has been highlighted using the mouse cursor in windows? On a previous softphone I was able to have a shortcut mapped to the F1 key, when I pressed F1 the softphone would dial the selected number.

If not is it possible to do anything similar?

asked May 31, 2017 in Windows by dbassin (130 points)  

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I just posted this answer for another problem, seems perfect to help you as well:

There is a nice tool called Autohotkey and I have been playing around with it a little bit and created a fuction similar to your request.

You can highlight a number with e.g. 123/456, then press Ctrl + "-" in the Numpad and the script will copy the number to the clipboard, remove everything but numbers, paste it to zoiper and press the green button.

I put the source code of the custom script at:

There are some more features and I was hoping to get some inspiration or ideas from the Community Forum so maybe there are some people who are interested in driving this further.


Edit: I work with the Zoiper Phone Interface 2, as the pressing of buttons is based on the position there needs to be other "coordinates" for other styles.

answered Jun 30, 2017 by oberon (250 points)  
edited Jul 4, 2017 by oberon
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