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S6 can hear the other party, other party cannot hear from s6 (very husky sound)!

External Java Audio driver works good!

Thank u!

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This issue was caused by the recent update from Samsung to Android 7.x+ to some of their devices.

We have just released an update that should resolve this. Or you can simply work-around it by changing the audio driver from the Zoiper configuration menu to "External Java".

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Samsung s7. Android 7. Garbled sound unusable. Have changed the audio driver as advised. Version 2 beta. Will see how it goes.

Have had to purchase zipper pro. Not able to have my two accounts after uninstalling and reinstalling. Same sound problem. Garbled sound from me to the other person. On incoming and outgoing calls. Changed the audio driver to external java, now ok.

I have the latest beta and a Samsung 7 and i am still having the garbled voice for incomung calls.

The external java driver fixes this problem to a degree, but voice is low quaility to the person you are talking to.

Maybe the issue is due to a codec with high compression, for example "GSM".

Try using different Wideband codec if possible or try uLaw/aLaw. 

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