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On my phone (android) i have Zoiper app and with few SIP account.
I see that all SIP accounts are active and when someone call for one of the
account i have a call.
But when i install Zoiper for windows and i add few SIP account only one is
active (that what now i have selected). So if someone call for another sip
account (not currently active) i lose a call.

Is this normal on PC version, that don't support multiple login SIP accounts ?
Or maybe multiple active SIP accounts work only in premium version ?

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Good morning,

What happens if you register it manually?

Which version of Zoiper are you using?

Are you using windows?

Best Regards,


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HI Paul:

I have two sip accounts both registered manually.  How do I switch between them to make calls, as some calls need to be made from one or the other?


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