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Zoiper on my OnePlus 3T running 7.1.1 hasn't worked for awhile. I finally figured out that it is the Voice over Wifi setting that is causing the problem. If I disable VoWifi and reboot, Zoiper works normally. With it on, I cannot register with either my PBX on my LAN or my VOIP service directly.

Does anyone know how to get both working at the same time? I would like to be able to use VoWifi for my cell service but still use Zoiper.


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Well this is lonely.

I moved to a OnePlus 5. Same behavior. Zoiper cannot register while Voice over Wifi is active.

The new Zoiper Beta for Android *seems* to fix things ... sorta. Version 2.1.0. I can register with both my PBX and my service but it is very hit or miss. Registration is slow for both and sometimes goes through and sometimes not. After being successful it will sometime drop the registration forcing a manual connection.

I have exactly the same issue on OnePlus 5. Haven't been able to find a solution. It's a real problem for me because I rely on vowifi as I live in an area with nearly no cell coverage and I use a sip line for work.

All was fine when using the cell vendors WiFi calling app but they recently stopped support for it as vast majority of phones have WiFi calling built in. After switching to Androids built in WiFi calling (VoWifi) this issue began. Note that the WiFi calling feature is not available by default on OnePlus phones... You need to activate it by going into some developer settings.

If it is of interest this affects most sip clients (not just zoiper). I have tried alternatives and most dont work so seems it is a OnePlus issue.

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I had this issue and just rectified the problem by setting the outbound proxy with the server domain of my sip provider suffixed with port :5061

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