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Hi Members !

We would like to purchase ZoiPer licences but we haven't found the exact difference between "ZoiPer Classic" at €29.45 and ZoiPer 3" at €33.10 ?

We only get this link (https://www.zoiper.com/pdf/Zoiper_Product_Comparison_Chart.pdf) but with no trace of "ZoiPer 3".

Do you have another link or information about that ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Zoiper 3 has instant messaging, presence and video (on windows) and has the list with contacts on the first panel.

Zoiper classic has a smaller size, lacks IM, presence and video and has the dialpad visible at all times.

The classic is more popular with callcenter, the 3 is more popular with other businesses.

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Thanks a lot for your very quick answer Joachim :-)

It's clearer for us.

A last question : so can we compare "ZoiPer 3" with "Zoiper Communicator" in the product comparison chart ? "Zoiper Communicator" doesn't exist anymore ?

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yes, the communicator was replaced with the zoiper 3. (it is an improved version of zoiper communicator).

Thanks a lot. So we just bought Zoiper3's licences. Thanks again.

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