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I'm using a WP8.1 device where I synchronize my contacts with Outlook. In Outlook the standard format for telephone numbers is +xx (yyyy) zzzzzzz and it's copied into the phone's contacts exactly this way.

Unfortunately the SIP provider expects phone numbers without any special characters apart from the leading '+', e. g.

+123 (777) 999999 does not work, it has to be translated into


Any idea how Zoiper can do that? I tried some settings but with no success.

asked Aug 8, 2017 in Windows Phone by Serunkuma (130 points)  

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Hi Serunkuma,

Zoiper can do that, if you use Zoiper 3 go to Settings --> Preferences --> Automation --> Automation and strip the () in your phone number, by default it is :  .-()[]{} so you may add the ()

Best Regards,


answered Sep 7, 2017 by Zwagerman (3,870 points)  

Hi Paul,

Thanks a lot for your answer. Unfortunately I can't establish the Zoiper version, but I have no option 'Preferences' under 'Settings', just 'Number Rewriting' where I can an international prefix. Nothing else.



Sorry I thought you were under windows, not under windows phone.

Then I have no  other idea sorry.



Zoiper 5: strip the / in the phone number

Could not find any place to ad any undesirable character there...
Should I start a new rule or something like that?

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